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benefits of being friends with me

  • shitty jokes whenever you ask for them
  • shitty jokes whenever you don’t ask for them

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"former queen regent. that’s you, I mean. literally so former. lol cersei have I mentioned lately that you are no longer queen. no? let’s just bring that up again" 

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caskett + being cuties *u*

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Scared you’ll like it? | x

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Leonid Afremov is a passionate painter from Mexico who paints with palette knife with oil on canvas. He loves to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in his paintings, which are rich in different moods, colors and emotions.

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[Billie] did start calling me David Teninch as the months went on. You’ll have to ask her about that.
—David Tennant, whose smirk I can hear though the radio (x)

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Doctor Who + Colors

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